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About Me

Freelance Astronaut/Race Car Driver

Dave Rules
Dave Rules


Welcome to it is design. My name is Dave Hines, and I am a freelance designer working and living out of La Jolla, CA. I started this LLC with a simple goal: to provide small businesses with an affordable web presence in order to fund my golf and travel habits. Below you'll find a some selections of my past work.

  • Dave did tremendous work for me and my country. Him and Dennis Rodman are welcome back any time soon!

    Kim Jong Un, Peoples Republic of Korea
  • Dave's site is extremely easy to use, and he taught me a thing or two about civic duty!

    Kwame Kilpatrick, City of Detroit
  • Dave really helped me market and reach the previously untapped youth demographic for my cause. He is a great team player!

    Joseph Kony, Liberia

Our Services

Full Service Digital Needs


Responsive websites to accomodate all your needs on mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.


Full service design including clothing, printed goods, and any kind of digital asset you can imagine.


24/7 availability for all websites and apps.


There's a good chance we will high five during the creative process.

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